Industry Symposia

Breakfast Symposium

Date: Monday 22nd August 

Time: 7.00am to 8.00am

Title: In Acromegaly, CONTROL IS CRITICAL

Content: Uncontrolled biochemical levels in acromegaly may increase mortality. 45% of patients treated with first generation SSAs remain uncontrolled. Next generation treatment options are now available that help achieve biochemical control and tumour volume shrinkage.         

Topic 1: Uncontrolled biochemical control in Acromegaly and associated co-morbidities
Topic 2: Signifor LAR (Pasreotide) in patients with inadequately controlled Acromegaly

Speakers: Professor Ken Ho and Dr Ann McCormack
Chair: TBC

This Breakfast Session is complimentary, however you must sign up for it via your conference registration here.

This session is supported and organised by    Novartis large

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