Dr Kelly Walton

Dr Walton commenced her post-doctoral career in transforming growth factor -β (TGFβ) biology in 2008, following the award of her PhD by Swinburne University. In her initial studies at Prince Henry’s Institute (2008-2016), Dr Walton discovered the regulatory mechanisms underpinning the biosynthesis of TGFβ ligands, the activins and inhibins. These studies enabled the generation of specific activin antagonists and inhibin agonists. Significantly, Dr Walton's team has now proved that these approaches can effectively block activin-induced pathologies in mice. In 2016, Dr Walton moved to Monash University where she now co-runs the Growth Factor Therapeutics Laboratory alongside A/Prof Craig Harrison. Dr Walton’s current research seeks to understand the consequences of losing ovarian inhibins on female physiological health.

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