Dr Nandini Shankara Narayana

Dr Nandini Shankara Narayana is an endocrinologist with special interest in Andrology. She has recently submitted her PhD thesis, with research work in range of topics in Andrology at ANZAC Research Institute, University of Sydney. Her main project was on investigating the reversibility and time course for recovery of testicular function after men have used non-prescribed androgens for body building. Her other areas of work include sperm cryostorage in men receiving gonadotoxic treatment, genetics of disorders of sexual differentiation and development, progesterone assay (immunoassay Vs LCMS) and safety of testosterone use in women. Dr Shankara Narayana works at Andrology department, Concord Repatriation General Hospital and is a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney Medical School (Concord and Central Clinical Schools).

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