Dr Kelly Walton

Dr Kelly Walton commenced her post-doctoral research career in 2008 at the Hudson Institute (formerly Prince Henry’ Institute), following the award of her PhD. In 2016, Dr Walton moved to Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, where she now co-heads the Growth Factor Therapeutics Laboratory. Dr Walton’s research interest is the large family of transforming growth factor –β (TGF-β) proteins. Her team is internationally recognised for their ability to engineer TGF-β agonists and antagonists as targeted treatments of reproductive and metabolic pathologies. Dr Walton has published 39 scientific papers on this topic, and has been granted $1M in independent research funding to support her program. Dr Walton achieved much of this research success five years into her post-doctoral career. In this workshop, Dr Walton will talk to how persistence and resilience facilitated her career success, and enabled her to recently become competitive for national funding schemes.

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