Prof Weiping Teng - Nagataki-FUJIFILM Prize Plenary

Dr. Teng is a Professor of Medicine at The First Hospital of China Medical University, Shenyang. He is also the Chief of Institute of Endocrinology of China Medical University and the Chief of State Key Laboratory (Cultivation Base) for Endocrine diseases.

Currently, Dr. Teng is the President of Chinese Endocrine Society (CES) . He is also vice-president of AOTA (Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association), the member of ATA (American Thyroid Association) and TES (The Endocrine Society) and the member of editorial board of Thyroid.

Dr. Teng graduated from China Medical University in 1976. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship training in endocrinology at University of Cambridge, UK (1988-1990) and University of Toronto, Canada (1994-1995).

His key research orientation is thyroid diseases, especially in the fields of epidemiology, the relationship between iodine excess and thyroid diseases, genetics of Graves’ disease, autoimmune thyroid diseases, the relationship between pregnancy and thyroid diseases, the effects of thyroid hormone on brain development. He has published more than 210 articles including in peer-reviewed journals. The most representative article is the one titled “Effect of iodine intake on thyroid diseases in China”, published in《New England Journal of Medicine.

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