Dr Elodie Desroziers

Dr Elodie DESROZIERS is a Research Fellow in the laboratory of Dr Rebecca Campbell, Center for Neuroendocrinology and Department of Physiology at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. She obtained her PhD in Life Science and Health in 2011 from the University Francois Rabelais of Tours, France. Her research interests focus on understanding how the brain controls fertility and sexuality in women. During her PhD, she studied the ontogenesis of Kisspeptin neurons in rats. Then, during her post-doctoral position in Dr Julie Bakker laboratory (University of Liege, Belgium), she showed a role for prepubertal progesterone signaling in the feminization of the brain. Since 2015, she has joined Dr Campbell laboratory where she is studying the effect of androgen excess in the female brain. Her recent work demonstrates a functional role of arcuate GABA neurons in the regulation of GnRH neurons in physiological and polycystic ovarian conditions in mice.

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