Professor Kristen Hynes

Dr Kristen Hynes (BSc, PhD, Grad Dip (Clinical Epidemiology)) is a Research Fellow and epidemiologist at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research at the University of Tasmania. Her research interests and expertise include the epidemiology of iodine nutrition and deficiency, particularly the impact of mild iodine deficiency (ID) in the Tasmanian population. She is interested in the long-term consequences of mild ID on the neurodevelopment of the foetus and infant and the subsequent long-term detrimental effects on educational attainment. Her team have recently published evidence that pregnant women are still at risk of the adverse consequences of iodine deficiency despite bread fortification and the National Health and Medical Research Council recommendation to supplement. It is her goal that iodine deficiency research will result in the complete elimination of this preventable condition and its associated adverse outcomes.

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