Anna Story

Dr Anna Story is a clinical endocrinologist who specialises in thyroid disease, with a particular focus on thyroid cancer. She is a member of the Endocrine Tumour Multidisciplinary Team at Royal North Shore Hospital and works closely with the Nuclear Medicine Department of Royal North Shore Hospital and high volume thyroid surgeons to achieve the best outcomes for her patients. She attends meetings locally and internationally to ensure she is up to date with the latest research and best evidenced based practice. Her memberships include the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Endocrine Society (United States).

Dr Anna Story undertook undergraduate medical training at the University of Queensland and graduated in 1997. She completed physician training at Royal North Shore Hospital in 2001 and advanced training in Endocrinology at both Royal North Shore Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospitals, with her fellowship awarded in 2005.

She has worked in private practice at the Northern Sydney Endocrine Centre since 2006. She became Director of the practice in 2013. Anna is also an honorary visiting medical officer at Royal North Shore Hospital and has an appointment at North Shore Private Hospital. She has a passion for education and is a Clinical Lecturer of the Sydney Medical School (Northern) of the University of Sydney.

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