Dr Kelly Walton

Dr Kelly Walton co-runs the Growth Factor Therapeutics Laboratoryin the Department of Physiology at Monash University.  Her research focus is the large family of Transforming Growth Factor –β (TGF-β) proteins, and their roles in the pathogenesis of reproductive and musculoskeletal disorders. Dr Walton is internationally recognised for her ability to manipulate TGF-β proteins for functional characterisation and for the development of novel TGF-β biologics. Much of her research focuses on a subclass of the TGF-β family, the inhibins and activins, which together coordinate the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Her initial studies defined how inhibins and activins are assembled, enabling the subsequent development of specific anti-activin therapeutics and inhibin mimetics. Significantly, Dr Walton’s team has proven that localised anti-activin therapy can promote substantial muscle growth. Her current program seeks to understand the physiological consequences of inhibin loss at menopause, and the benefits of inhibin therapy on musculoskeletal health. 

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