Associate Professor Jonathan Evans

I was awarded my PhD in Evolutionary Biology (University of St Andrews, UK) in 2001. I have since held research fellowships at the University of Padova, Italy (Marie Curie Fellowship), University of New South Wales (ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship) and the University of Western Australia (ARC QEII Fellowship). I am currently based at UWA where I continue to research and teach into evolutionary biology, sexual selection and behavioural ecology.

I am interested in sperm competition, genetic compatibility, and sperm-egg interactions in a range of species, but notably broadcast spawning marine invertebrates. My work investigates compatibility at the gamete level and the interacting effects of male and female genotypes on fertilization success and offspring fitness. My current projects focus on (1) patterns of sexual selection arising from sperm competition/cryptic female choice, and (2) the mechanisms underlying sperm-egg interactions. Both projects use blue mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) as an experimental model for understanding these processes.

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