Associate Professor Simon De Graaf

After completion of his PhD in 2006, Associate Professor de Graaf worked at the Royal Veterinary College London before returning to Australia to take up an academic position in the Faculty of Veterinary Science at The University of Sydney. Associate Professor de Graaf is recognised as a world expert in sheep reproduction, seminal plasma, sperm sexing and artificial insemination. His research programs have been awarded over $3 million in funding since 2009 and produced a book chapter, over 40 refereed articles in international journals and invited presentations at several national and international conferences.  Associate Professor de Graaf consults to the Australian artificial breeding industry, including the provision of instructional courses for controlled breeding, standardisation of semen assessment, processing and freezing for semen processing centres. He is currently Secretary General of the International Congress on Animal Reproduction and Vice President of the Association of Applied Animal Andrology. Associate Professor de Graaf is a member of the scientific advisory boards of Enterprise Ireland and The Australian Rhino Project as well as an Editorial Board member of the international journal Animal Reproduction Science.

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